Excursion to Mount Vesuvius and visit to a local winery

The famous mountain overlooking the Bay of Naples is the only active volcano in continental Europe along with the Campi Flegrei.
Reaching its crater today means being able to admire a postcard-perfect view of the city, enjoy a beautiful nature walk, but also learn more about the majestic giant that dominates our horizons.

Don't miss the most beautiful and evocative itineraries that will allow you to discover the Vesuvius National Park, through the Valley of Hell with an evocative walk to discover the eastern side of Somma-Vesuvius, explore the ridges of Mount Somma, walking on the edge of the immense caldera formed during the eruptions of the ancient volcano in 79 AD, and reach the ascent of the Great Cone of Vesuvius.

Vesuvius is an extraordinary place a paradise of biodiversity that can be comfortably explored on foot and where to tell the story of the area there are also many vineyards whose wines are worth tasting with a nice visit to one of the many local wineries on its slopes.

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